CNC cutting is computer numerical control cutting which is a computer-controlled cutting machine that allows for more precise, controlled cuts. They work by the operator entering coordinates from a separate program. Both CAD and CAM programs are used during the cutting process. It can be used to cut wood, plastic, metal, glass, and foam. CNC machines act much like laser cutters but are different. It is contact-based cutting, unlike laser cutters. The process also produces less waste compared to other cutting methods.

Benefits of CNC Cutting

  • Little to No Material Waste: The software that CNC machines run on use iterative optimization to learn how to cut materials with as least waste as possible. These codes can be put through simulations before being used to ensure that waste is minimized.

  • Better Accuracy: Computer codes guide the entire process from end to end. This results in more precise cuts and zero defects.

  • Faster Cutting Times: CNC machines can operate at high-speed settings and do not need breaks. They can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This maximizes efficiency and increases productivity.

  • Enhanced Personal Safety: There is no need for human and machine interaction. CNC cutting is done without the assistance of a human guiding the cutting device. It is all controlled by the computer, keeping people out of harm’s way.

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