Fluid End Field Service

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LWF Services is quickly becoming an industry leader in service & quality. Our knowledge and skills allow us to handle the removal & installation of complete fluid ends, to damaged parts on various manufacturers and styles at your location.

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Reducing Downtime

Our field service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We aim to help reduce downtime & get your units back up and pumping. We work closely with our customers to help mitigate no-pump-time, ensuring all equipment is working to its full potential. LWF’s safety program ensures all our employees are properly trained and in compliance with our customers’ safety programs.

Quint Fluid End CNC Mill LWF


Our in-house machine shop can handle repairs to the fluid ends removed in the field as well as restoring critical dimensions to factory tolerances, ensuring a proper fit and seal for internal components. Our logistics team can transport fluid ends from the field to our shop and deliver to any location in the U.S. once repairs are complete.

Our Fluid End Repair solutions don’t stop there.

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Stop going through all of your contacts to get a part fixed. With LWF Services, one call does it all.